Award-winning brand + Exclusive menu = Innovation & Success! - Our winning formula explained!

  • Little Dessert Shop wins innovation & growth award for in-house bakery creating exclusive products innovating the dessert sector. 
  • #OriginalOrNothing Taste Little Dessert Shop ONLY at Little Dessert Shop! 
  • Dessert brand stands out for its exclusive products and menu. 

by Simran Mall

Dessert brands are a dime a dozen - So what sets Little Dessert Shop apart from the rest? 

This year, Little Dessert Shop snagged the prestigious Express & Star award for Innovation and growth. During the vigorous winner selection process, judges visited our site and were impressed by our on-site production bakery, responsible for the creation of our artisanal cheesecakes, cookie dough, cakes, bakes, gelato and more! 

The demonstration of unlimited potential for innovative products designed to ensure Little Dessert Shop remains ahead of the curve in dessert trends! 

The Little Dessert Shop bakery creates over 100 unique products and flavours exclusively sold at our stores. 

Our artisan bakers have perfected signature products and flavours notably recognisable as Little Dessert Shop products. 

With over 30 Cheesecakes, cakes and bake flavours and 45 trading stores to supply our bakery is busy creating a constant supply of unique tastes. 

Little Dessert Shop is the only dessert brand acclaimed for our hand-crafted artisan products designed and developed exclusively for the brand. This creates an exclusive relationship with customers as their favourite dessert creations are only available at their favourite dessert brand. 

In addition to the artisan patisseries, we also have a state-of-the-art gelato manufacturing and packaging centre. All of the gelatos served in stores are hand-crafted in our production centre and distributed to stores by our distribution team. You can rest assured that our product development team are agile and responsive to growing trends ensuring Little Dessert Shop remains current. 

Innovation doesn't end with our production bakery! 

As well as gelato and patisseries, our product development team continuously develops new and exciting products unseen by any brand out there. Developed as a Christmas promotion, the Dunking Box has now become a viral sensation dessert box garnering attention from fans across the world. 

Off the back of the success of the Dunking Box - We created the Sharing Fondue Box, Trio Box, Afternoon tea box and are set to launch an incredible football sharer box that includes both a sweet and savoury selection of snacks! 

The box will launch in time for the World Cup celebrations! We project major sales for this new and exciting product over the duration of the world cup celebrated nationally. 

Whilst other brands are quick to follow trends, Little Dessert Shop continues to set them. 

Join the dessert brand paving the way for innovation in the dessert sector. Contact our franchise team today by clicking here. #OriginalOrNothing. 

Simran Mall

Simran studied English & Creative writing at Staffordshire University and writes creative content for MSZ Brands.