Low investment doesn’t mean minimal returns

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  • Take a step toward financial freedom and flexibility
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by Simran Mall

A common misconception when considering investing is that significant capital is required to turn over a healthy profit. This is in fact false, you can invest a modest sum of money and still experience exponential financial growth. 

The first step before investing is doing due diligence and ensuring you’ve researched the market you are interested in investing in. Then, assess your budget and how much you feel comfortable parting with. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a particularly large some of the money.

With Little Dessert Shop, you have the opportunity to become a partner for just £9,995 and take advantage of a 36% rise in dessert demand. Despite investing a relatively small fee, you could still foreseeably see a significant return and achieve the financial freedom you desire. 

Little Dessert Shop is an award-winning brand with four store models for investors to select from. These include the ghost kitchen, the restaurant, the petite store and the cafe-style store. With four different formats available, any potential Little Dessert Shop franchisee can choose whichever model suits them and invest accordingly.

Our franchisees are all successful, and each picked the store format best suited to their financial capabilities. Despite investing in different volumes, they all shared one thing in common- they were all able to obtain a significant return from their initial investments. 

Our core values are quality, respect, branding, timing, profit and innovation. As a partner, you will receive extensive support in alignment with these values, resulting in your business growing and your portfolio expanding. Click here to book a free discovery meeting with a member of our franchise team. It’s time to take your slice of Little Dessert Shop, become a partner and join the dessert revolution. #HomeofDesserts

Simran Mall

Simran studied English & Creative writing at Staffordshire University and writes creative content for MSZ Brands.